The Sweetest Pink Online Shop with Direct Connection to the Chocolate Factory

The Austrian family business is known and loved worldwide for the famous Manner Wafers. Pink-colored, blue writing and the St. Stephens Church Vienna – the Manner Wafers represent most tender wafers and finest hazelnut cream for more than 100 years. There are also way more sweet delicacies produced from Manner with a rich tradition and the highest quality possible.

The Austrian Supermarket does not only purchase the sweet delicacies directly from the manufacturer. We are in fact so close to the production site, that we can smell the delightful chocolate scent whilst packing up your orders! Together with the special Manner shop, we also took over the exclusive responsibility and distribution for the Manner memorabilia.

You can shop the sweet assortment to your heart’s content, from Manner Wafers to Chocolate Bananas, Rum-Kokos, Dragee Keksi, Mozartkugeln and much more!

Say it with Manner
Tender wafer-classics, finest ladyfingers, delicious ginger bread and traditional chocolate. Immerse yourself in the pink world of confectionery … Shop now
Welcome Manner Fans! Whether it’s a pink baby romper suit, the convenient Manner hiking box or THE highlight, the wafer dispenser Manner SCHNITT-O-MAT … Manner. The Taste of Vienna. Shop now
Fruity Chocolate Bananas with crisp chocolate and tenderly melting Rum-Kokos dragees with finely grated coco nuts, filled with genuine sugar cane rum … Shop now
Crunchy biscuit coated with crisp chocolate. Austrians preferably call it “Keksi”. Connoisseurs know that the claim “I just can’t stop” is not just advertising but the truth. Shop now
The delicious Viennese nougat confectionary is also manufactured by Manner! What’s the secret? 7 layers of dark and light nougat cut into little cubes – plus a worldly wisdom per piece! Shop now
Another sweet symbol for Austria produced by Manner: the Mozartkugel! Enthusiasts for finest marzipan, tender nougat and crisp dark chocolate will be delighted … Shop now