An extraordinary, sweet delicacy from Austria

Vienna is not only famous for its Viennese Cafés, its typical charm and its well-known hospitality, but also for its delicious Pastry.

The list of sweet specialties is really long ... and there is one delicacy to point out: tender, soft, a real eye-catcher and irresistable in taste - the Grand Guglhupf!

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The so called Guglhupf is this special hidden secret of all these seductive treats one finds in Austria. Doubtless no one will be able to resist this delicious temptation.

The Grand Guglhupf is only produced with special chosen ingredients to secure a fresh and succulent taste.The Guglhupf is only available in our online shop and through our locations here in Vienna!

To point out the exclusivity of this great Austrian dessert, the Guglhupf is also available in the great looking Gustav-Klimt box - a real collector's item.