Luckily there's FELIX
That for 60 years! FELIX has always been known for products with the best taste, selected ingredients and the highest quality. Because FELIX knows what the Austrians like! FELIX products have been convincing for generations - whether with the popular FELIX ketchup, FELIX gherkins, FELIX sauces, FELIX ready meals or FELIX Sugo! FELIX offers always the right product for every taste. At the same time, the popular FELIX products are not only available for consumption at home, but also for food service customers. Discover the tasteful world of FELIX!
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Food Service FELIX has been a reliable and popular partner in the catering and offers a wide variety of products. To help you finding the right one for your needs, we offer you our products in the optimal sizes and packaging from small to large bags of cans and system solutions. Shop now
Knusperli Breakfast should be fun! Every morning you can enjoy our Knusperli muesli like that. Unique recipes and the best ingredients –every muesli bowl is pure enjoyment! All of our Knusperli cereals are free from flavor enhancers, preservatives and colorants. Shop now
Alpro Plantbased alternatives to milk. Shop now
Vitality Vitality for Life! Immerse yourself in the taste of our Vitality products and enjoy, for example, delicious oilseeds or discover the variety of our dried fruits and nuts. Taste good and do well! Shop now
Bioquelle Organic natural food – natural delicious! Discover our delicious Bioquelle products, from organic maple syrup to organic oatmeal, with their high biological quality standards that nature profess us. Shop now