The home of efko.
Along the Danube, west of Linz, lies the Eferdinger Basin, an especially fertile plain in the heart of Austria.

Cucumbers, white cabbage, red cabbage, red beets, potatoes, and apples grow particularly well in the Eferdinger Basin.
efko uses all of them for its products.

No wonder that this is the very place where Austria's largest producer of fruit and vegetable products, founded by hardworking farmers, is located: efko.

Gherkins Perfect snack accompaniments: crispy delicatessen gherkins, mini gourmet gherkins, spicy-sour gherkins, traditional mustard gherkins, and much more. Shop now
Peppers Assorted peppers: mild, spicy, and fiery-hot peppers and delicate peppers stuffed with cabbage. Shop now
Specialities Popular silverskin onions, spicy pickled garlic, spicy mushrooms, and much more. Shop now
Salads A wide assortment of the finest salads. Shop now
Sauerkraut and red cabbage Sauerkraut made with tender, farm-fresh white cabbage & red cabbage specialities. Shop now
Sweets & fruits For those with a sweet tooth: from applesauce to stewed fruits ‒ the ideal accompaniment to sweet main dishes and desserts. Shop now
Seeburger A wide variety of pickled vegetables: from the classic gherkin to popular sauerkraut. Shop now