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Bio Manuka Honig MGO 514+ 250G from MLM Manuka

The mlm Manuka Honig was awarded the " London International Honey Award 2022" in the quality category.

He is characterized by its purity of the highest level monofloral thanks to the very high content of Manuka pollen (96 % Manuka guide).

Typical amber color and sweet bitter taste, crystalline structure.

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Different from Manuka Honey to commercially available honey

Manuka honey is a special kind of honey that is obtained in New Zealand from the flowers of the Manuka shrub (leptospermum scoparium). In contrast to conventional honey, Manuka honey contains a higher proportion of antimicrobial active ingredients, in particular the so -called methylglyoxal (MGO). These active ingredients make manuka honey a particularly effective natural remedy.

Commercial honey, on the other hand, contains a lower proportion of antimicrobial substances and is usually obtained from a variety of different flowers, which varies its taste and color. Although conventional honey also has health -promoting properties, it is not as effective in terms of its antimicrobial properties as Manuka honey.

It is important to note that not all manuka honey are the same. The amount of methylglyoxal can vary depending on the variety and the time of harvest. A quality feature by Manuka Honey is the labeling of his MGO strength on the packaging.

sustainability & amp; Environmental protection

honey, throat sprays and the essential oils are filled in Miron glasses.

This violet glass offers the optimal way to preserve the original freshness and the quality of the food for a long time. It was taken care of that the labels are easily released so that the glasses can be reused.

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More Information
Manufacturer MLM Manuka
Country Austria
Best before date 31 Dec 2024
EAN Code 9120121100012
Product amount 250g
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